Sunday, 2 July 2017

Version 0.0.1f for Patrons ready for download!

Hi guys,

I made the next version for the game.

This time it is a little less content, since I am currently
thinking about how I want the battles to be like, I hadn't
had as much time to work on it. Not yet sure how to
make the battles, if some one has good ideas I am
all open. ^^

As for this times content let me write it down.

I have also added two new bad ends into the game.
One can be started at the secret shop where the second most
right shelf now has an Item you can get when you visit
it for a second time. The ring you recieve then will
start it's event after using it(only in the dorm room).
It will take some time for each event to take effect. To
stop the whole process you can use it a second time
to stop it effects.

The other event will be available at the agency where the
event with Klaus is now extended to result in a bad end.
Just talk to him after your shift ended a few times
and it will progress on his path.

For the next content I plan to make the third floor events
including some NPCs, the room of the chief and of course
the events for the battle with the phenomena that is
influencing poor Julia. I also have an event planned for
some "thugs" in the part of Julia's apartment that are
already there but only have one little event right now.
Want to make a little fight there so didn't want to touch
that till I have thought out the fighting system.

I will also be on vacation from the 10. this month. Have
to attend a wedding of my guest brother over in Japan so
I have no idea how much time I will have on my shedule.
I definetly plan to work on the game but we will see.

Monday, 19 June 2017

New bugfixes

Hello everyone,

first let me thank you for your bug reports.
I know it was quite a lot this time, but please bear with me
I always try to fix them as soon as I hear of them.
And I tried a new bug testing method and now know I should
never again use it!

So from this time on I hope I will reduce the bugs
a bit.

Bug fixes:
Fixed a bug that you couldn't take the ward shift.
Fixed a bug that the ward shift didn't end.
Able to enter, exit the house of Julia/Mark.
Put the knife in it's respected place, at the tile
with the cabbage on top of it.
Ended the game after the "good" ending with Mark.
You couldn't recieve the medical supplies from the
ER during the shift. Now you can properly recieve them.
Sleeping at the bed now resets the bathed switch.
You can now trade all three items to Karin
for her bad end. (Two in ER room, one key is in the plant
another one can be found at the second floor changing room,
the other medicine is in the empty room of the first floor)
The blue haired family shouldn't appear too soon anymore
in the toilet. Also made it so the effect also doesn't appear anymore.
You can use the computer in the ER Room now after finding the
note with the password.
The reset for Lina now happens every time you sleep.
Making it possible to use her route easier.

I also updated the log file in the zip.

Here is the newest version:

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Tales of Ameria 0.0.1e public Version!

Ok guys, here is the next version of my game for all the
I hope you have fun with it, and of course feel free
to post all the bugs you can find to me.

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Tales of Ameria Version 0.0.1e!

Hello guys!

I have been working on the game and got a new version done for our patreons!

In Version 0.0.1e, you will be able to do the last of the shifts at the hospital.
There you will be send to a patient and do his bidding. I have made four different
endings in this shift. The first one is just getting your brainwashing to four and repeatedly visit the patient, acting normally.
Another one is if  you behave "positive" to him, happy to obey his commands or go even further!
The other ending will be triggered if you refuse him too often. Then a bad end will happen to you too!
The last ending has to do with the computer in his room. If you use it and read certain files you will recieve a light brainwashing that will open you up for another path. Just follow the orders you recieve to get this bad end.

I also included a new little "shop" in the city. A few girls in the western part of the city are talking about it. After hearing from them, try to look at the most south eastern section of the downtown map for the merchant of the shop that will invite you. You can then enter the shop and "investigate" it for a little bit and recieve an item from the shop keeper. With that item you can trigger another bad end if you use it too often. I want to add more items to it, though I only had time for one item right now. If you have good ideas feel free to let me know :P

There is yet another thing to do in the hospital on the third floor. You can finally enter the room of the chief. There you can do two kind of things. The first one is to talk to him personally that will finally flow into another bad end.
The other thing is that Lina also visits him. So after witnessing her session with him search her in the hospital and then come back the next day. You can then later on either save her and recieve a reward(Key to the office when the chief isn't there, though you can't use it in this version yet), or let her be enslaved by the hospital and lose her forever.

That is all I have for this version so feel free to tell me any thoughts you have about the game.
When I finish this arc of the game I will make a few pools as to were I should go with the game.
A few fetishes for every one, more picture?, more story? more whatever?
Feel free to make suggestion now also but the pools will have more weight to them!

The 0.0.1e version will be avaible for everyone of course next week.
So if you aren't a patreon, you will have to wait a week like always!

See ya,

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Tales of Ameria 0.0.1d public version

Hello everyone,

here is the latest version of my latest game Tales of Ameria.

For the full list of new stuff either read my latest post or take a look at the log file.

Here is the link:

I have been working on the game this week quite a bit and have now implemented the whole second floor with all kinds of NPCs so it becomes more lively too.
I also created a few events that deal with your roommate Lina that will either lead into her enslavement, or her feeling the hospital and giving you an item that might help you investigating a certain room much easier.

For the next release my plan is to complete the shift system with the last "Ward" shift and a few other events that will be on the third floor. I will probably also make a few other random events in the city to make it more lively, though I don't know if it will be in the next update or inthe one after this one.

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Newest Version for the patreons!

Hello guys,

as I said I made a version for this week.
This time, including some bug fixes, you will have three new endings.

First is a new doctor on the first floor from whom you can get a
reward once you are brainwashed enough, once. If you get too
many rewards you will be enslaved of course.

The second on is a little bit "hidden" there are three items you
can find and give to Karin, the nurse in the agency. With all three
items, she will be corrupted by the items, wanting to become a nurse
at the hospital too. If you also get brainwashed fully, you can go to
the first floor of the hospital to find her and the doctor.

The last one is the new shift you can do. It will be inside the OR
and the nurse responsible of the OR will enslave you. The path
with Xentia will work a little bit different than the ER, to be more
detailed, the path will only proceed if yougo to her dorm room.
To "unlock" the dorm room speak to her while on break.
You will have different scenes for the work hours in the OR,
though you can only proceed by going to her room.

I also made two "different" nurse outfits. Since it is normal in a
hospital to have clothes for different nurses. I made the nurse
that works inside the ER greenish and the OR Nurse blueish.
That should show a little difference in the different types of

This version willbe avaiable for every next week, just like always
either become a patreon or wait another week!

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Tales of Ameria progress & some info on the order

Hello every one,

I worked on Tales of Ameria once again and put in two new game over scenes.
Though I won't tell for now what they are!
I also put in the character pictures for Julia into the conversations now, thus making it possible to see Julia in all of her glory.
Something else I have been working on is making the world more "alive" by inserting more NPC's into the world. I created a lot of characters for the first floor of the hospital and think I will also do the same for the second floor before the next update.

I plan to make another release for the patreons next week that will have the new endings and another of the working shifts in the game. I haven't decided which one for now but I am strongly thinking about the OP Room ending, which will let you get enslaved by a sexy nurse while you try to give your best to help the doctors.

Lastly I wanted to tell every one about my plans for the Order of Light.
When I completed the main story, I wanted to have a little distance from it.
Thus I began my work on Tales of Ameria. I will of course make the other two paths for the order,
but I want to focus on one game, rather than create both games at the same time.
I want to finish the first act, the hospital, of Ameria before I get back to the Order.
I can't say for sure how long it will take, but would like the finish the first arc next month or the one after that. Then I want to use maybe one or two months for the order, before coming back for Tales of Ameria. When I make the second main ending of the order I will most probably work on the last one too, since changing between both games for every ending would probably be tiresome and
difficult for my audiance to follow the story lines when the game changes with every "major" patch.

This are the things I wanted to tell you all,
I wish you a nice mother's day and till next week.

At least I hope so...
Aggra :D