Monday, 12 March 2018

Bugfix For the current content

OK guys there seems to be a problem with the new script I used for the UI.

It works fine, but if a picture isn't implemented somewhere in the RPGMaker,
it doesn't grab the files when I deploy the game files.

So either I make a deployment with all files(600mb),
or I copy the files manually into the folder later on.
Really inconvenient to be honest...

Well I uploaded the new file so take a look at it now.
Should be fixed for now.
The link is the same as before:

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Arc two!

Here is arc two guys!
You will be able to play the first real day of school
and after that you can talk to Linera and Mylea.
These events keep going till Mylea or Linera will want to
take the character(Yuuko/Kenji) to their own home to
have some more... permanent fun with them!

You can also talk a little to Hime and get a little
bad end there if you want to!

It isn't too much content yet and most probably
quite a bit of bugs still awaiting you guys.

But here is the link anyway. ^^

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Playing around with a character creator

Hello you guys.

I am currently playing around with a character creator I found through some games from
I have been playing アルド戦記 which is a VERY fun corruption game.
Basically there is a character called Yulishia which can brainwash girls, and only girls.
She will slowly take a few girls into her team from yours and after the 24. chapter you can
actively let your chars lose to bring them to her side. :P
Really interesting game so be sure to take a look at it, if you can speak japanese of course. :P

That character creator is of course limited to the amount of things I can do, but I think it will be perfect for creating art for side characters or hentai event chars, though it can only make girls unfortunately.
Let me show you a few pics I created in a hurry. :P

Since the current arc is in the normal time and especially in a school.
I created a lot of school girls... maybe a little fetish? :O
Of course I can still give everyone of them some little extra as accesoires, elf ears...
Though I am still testing all of the creation so look forward to some nice little side char art in the future!

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Patreon release for the next arc!

Hello everyone!

I have just sent Deva the latest version of Tales of Ameria!
With this the next arc has just begun!

Currently there isn't too much to do and there are a few
test NPC's that you may use for your own pleasure.
These NPC's let you increase/decrease Yuuko's brainwashing,
though it will only change the other Test NPC, not any of the
normal events... yet!
With these Test NPC's, which are in the classroom, you can
try out the Kyudo training event, which will be important later
on in the arc when the cult invades the school.

You will also be able to talk a little bit with Hime, talking to her
too often will result in a not so good ending though!

Linera and Mylea can be interacted until the last of their
investigation events. After that Yuuko/Kenji will be "abducted" by them
and turn into their pet/lover, which isn't implemented yet.
Once abducted, they will need to be rescued by the other person
before they get changed forever.

If you find any strange wordings/messages/bugs... please tell me,
so that I may fix them for the next release!

Of course, next week will be the public release for everyone!
So look forward to that too!

Monday, 26 February 2018

Sorry about the confusion!

Hey everyone,

I had been speaking with Deva yesterday and he told me that he
was planning to make a release for his game TLDH so I decided
to make a release this coming weekend.

For one, it gives me some more time to work out bugs that
are still very present in the current build.

Another reason was that I had decided to make a potential
change in the system of changing characters that I am
still considering. That would give me the chance to change
it before the first release, which makes it a little bit
less confusing if it suddenly changes completely with
the release after it.

Currently the build has content for Linera until the "capture"
of Yuuko, Hime's first two events and the first events of the
other two girls. I am pretty sure to get at least one of the
other two girls, Mulj/Mylea too a Linera state where it
would be finish till the "captrue" event where Kenji get's
more or less abducted. But more too that when I get
it done. :P

Friday, 23 February 2018

A new version most probably?

Hello all of you, I have been streaming a little bit and got some
pretty good progress. I think I might be able to make a little
version for you guys this week. It wouldn't be too much,
but the intro of the new arc, a few short scenes with the monster girls,
and a bad end. Maybe two if I can create something good tomorrow.

There would be a few debugg chars, since I already put in the
change between Yuuko and Kenji. When they change, Yuuko will
attend her club activities(Kyuudo club) which will be important
later on the in the arc(when the cult actually appears).

I will probably give the player 3 or 4 days in which they will
meet the girls and then let the cult appear. So to give the player
a chance to interact with them, since they too can be corrupted
by the cult, canceling out their scene, until you have dealt with
the cult itself.

Nulike with Act 1, it will not automatically end when you deal
with the main thread, but rather let you still take a look at
all the stuff that is there.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Streaming just a little bit!

Hello guys,

I have decided to stream a little bit at Picarto.
Still new to this so please be considerate with me. :O