Saturday, 7 October 2017

The Order of Light: Path of Sintra Part 1 + Poll

Ok guys,

here is my lateste addition to the order of light.

You will be sent to the maid castle to "convince" all of the royal guard
girls to become nice little maids for their masters. You will team up with
Rosa to make it a little easier, but will Rosa help you or has she other
things planned?

Also take a look at the poll I have made for Ameria.
Since most people wanted to see scene art, I decided to give you
guys a way to determine which you wanted to see most.
The patreons had some pretty convincing first 4 pics that
I will share with you guys.
You can only vote for one of the scene so please choose carefully!

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Patreon Poll!

Hello guys,
since the poll for "What you would like most"
is 50% art for scenes, I made a new poll to
decide which one of the scenes you really want
to see.

The poll will be patreon only and will narrow down the
decisions for a public poll on Saturday/Monday to
see which scenes I will start with for my game.

To take part in it become a patreon and
take a look at our news over there!

Sunday, 1 October 2017

First Sintra Part "Return of the Maid Castle"

Hello Guys,

I have worked on the Order of Light.
As you probably know my first Game was supposed to
have three different Paths. The normal one,
a "Sintra" path and the last one was the demon path.

I only made the first "Normal" path and wanted to do
the other when I got a little distance to the game.

So here I am trying to create the first of those paths.

In it you will help Sintra take over the world and
start at the Maid Castle that is controlled by the
king and the "masters" though the Royal Guard,
Rosa's underlings, haven't succumbed yet.
So you are sent to help Rosa take over the
Royal Guard and turn them into obedient little
Maid Girls.

There are three different bad ends and the
true path that would lead to the next
part of the Sintra path, the demon prison.
I haven't finished that yet, though I will
send Niltaru and Hilde into the demon world
where you will take care of the remaining
succubi and the demon lord maybe? :O
Not yet decided but we will see!

I also changed the "warps" that you can choose
at the beginning of them game, they now give you some
Admiration/Demoness stats so that you can still
enter the Sintra/Demon path.
There is also a warp for the Sintra path directly if you wanna
use that one of course!

Next week I will give the version to every one so
either become one of our patreons or wait for
one week!

I also made a poll relating to my new game Ameria.
I wanted to know which of the scenes people would
like to see most. I took a few of my favorites and
will be happy to see your thoughts.
For the "Main Quest" and "Last Battle" scenes
you can either just vote or give me your favorite
from there like Vote for Main Quest and tell me
ER or OR...

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Tales of Ameria 1.0a

Hello guys, with all the bug reports I got from all of you,
I made a new version where I hope the bugs got fixed for good.

I also implemented a little replay room. To access it, just go to the secret shop there
will be a crystal that teleports you to the room. There you can take a look at all
the scenes you have already wittnessed and enjoyed. If you didn't see an event
yet, the NPC will give you a hint where to find the event to trigger the scene.
If you find any problems with the new replay room or anything else please tell
me, I always wish to fix bugs as soon as possibe, though it takes a few days
from time to time.

Saturday, 2 September 2017

Tales of Ameria Ark I

Hello everyone,

for the final release of my game, I wanted to make a compact and short introduction for it! The link for the game will be below so make sure to check it out!

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Synposis: This is the first ark of Tales of Ameria. In this ark you will take on the role of one of the three main characters that will appear in the final game, Julia.
Julia is a member of the "Agency of supernatural Phenomena". As part of the agency, Julia will take on the mission to investigate a hospital that seems to be influence by an evil source. Will Julia be able to help the people before they turn into Nurses and Patients? Or will she succumb to it's effect like every one else?

Adult themes: F/F, F/M,  corruption, mind control, female, male and shemale dominant, female submissive, masturbation and other delicious goodness.

Features: Changing World depending on your own level of brainwashing, fights with messages that show your corruption, a unique TP system that will enslave your character for a short amount of time!

Design progress and scope: Tales of Ameria is a game that I hope will be enjoyable for people that love corruption and mind control. I want to add more and more different themes into the game in future Arks. More nasty stuff like transformations, nasty tentacles and evil mind suckers!

If you like my game and want to support me going further, please visit my patreon on:

Link to my game:

Sample screenshots:

Saturday, 26 August 2017

Final Version, for now!

I have been working on the game, as always, and
added quite a few NPCs to the downtown, hospital's third floor
and lastly the home town/apartment complex.

You can find a few little hints of what could be waiting
in the next chapter of the game so feel free to
talk to them!

Also fixed a few little bugs people have told me.

Lastly I will start working on the order probably sometime this week.
At first I want to start the Sintra path, before going for the demon path.

I am also currently making some polls for Ameria that
I talked about before, so look forward to it!

The public release for every one will be next week so please look forward to it!

Monday, 21 August 2017

Almost finished version released

Hello all,

In this release you will finally Show those Ruffians in your home town who is the Boss and complete the main story.
To complete the main Story you have to find two pieces of information, one in the room of the chief of the Hospital and one durin the break if you do the ward quest, the info in the ward will take you to the library of the agency that is on the third floor which you can get to from the elevator.
With you confronting the villain of the plot the first arc of Tales of Ameria will be completed, though I will still add a few things to the game in the next week or so, especially some npcs to interact with in the City and to flesh out the thid floor of the hospital.

When I created all the NPCs I will create
a few pools about the Tales of Ameria.

Here is the link:

What kind of pictures do you want,
which fetish would you like to see,
which ending do you guys like the most...

I want to find out more about what people like and
try to give you guys exactly that!