Sunday, 10 December 2017

Newest Version of The order!

Here is the newest version for all of you out there!

As said, you can now take over the nun fortress and turn them into fellow followers of a new way of praying. The next update will be about the castle city where you will introduce your fellow members of the order to your new cult and turn them all into pleasure slaves!

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Newest Order Version for our Patreons

Hey guys,

I just have released a new version for the order of light for our Patreons.
With this content release, Niltaru and Hilde will be invading the
portal of shadows to deal with the nuns that are a constant threat
to the demons and their plans. With the help of their new succubus
powers and the abuse of a very special technique all of the nuns
are using, Niltaru and Hilde shall be succesful in their quest.
With the conquering of the nuns done, Niltaru and Hilde will
proceed to their next goal, the capital of the country to
take on the order and Sintra herself, though that will be part
of the next, and probably final release for the order of light.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

A few bug fixes

I have gotten a few bug reports from you guys.

Things I corrected:
Hopefully a bug at the slave camp, so that you can teleport
outside of the building you are kept in.

A bug at the demon prison which made it the game freeze
if you went onto the portals for the trials from the wrong side.

Something that didn't work as intended with the golems(you
got no party members, causing all kinds of different interesting
things), and you will be able to see the bad end now.

Lastly you can now enter the demon path from a normal playthrough,
old save file, it teleported you to the right place, but then teleported
you once again to a totally wrong place.

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Public Release Order of Light/Xentia CG

Hello every one,

this time you get the CG for the Xentia scene,
as well as the release of the order of light.

This time you will go to the demon world and
help those cute and sexy succubi with their
plans. Your first task is to make Niltaru
whole again by hunting down Tear and
make her fuse with Niltaru. On your
way you will encounter golems that
protect the temple that Tear often visists,
so try not to become one of them!

The fight with the golems will be a little bit special
that I wanted to try out. They can implant a golem
heart into one of your girls, making that girl
immobile for the time. At the same time a heart
will spawn on the other side of the battle field
as an enemy. You will be able to , and should,
destroy that heart to free your ally. Failing to
do so will slowly turn the person into another
golem that would ultimately join the fighting
one, leaving you with only one character that
is supposed to kill two golems now.
 There can always only be one character at
a time be implanted with a heart, the other
character should be able to free her friend.

I hope you will like this kind of mechanic since
I would like to put it into Ameria as soon as
you have more than one character, where the
other two will have to save them before they
succumb to the magic and join the enemy.

Here is the link for the current OOL version:

Here the Ameria link:

So please tell me what you like of this mechanic,
also here are a few pics to show you
the art of the Xentia CG:

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Xentia CG Number Two and The Order Demon Route

Hello every one,

for most, I wanna apologize since I said last week a relese for the patreons with the Xentia CG, but I totally botched it and uploaded it, but never released it sssooo...
Sorry about that.

SO this week I released the Xentia CG as Patreon and as a little cherry on top I will release the first part of the Demon Route for The order of Light. I hope to get a full version of the route by the end of the month, but we will see.
You will take on Niltaru and Hilde to work for the demons to conquer the hearts of every one. :O
I plan to make it much more "open" then the Sintra route, using your demonic magic to enslave/change the people of the places you visit.
For now you only get to interact with Tear and the minions of a temple, though the next time
you will be able to venture to the good old nun fortress and try to have some fun with them.

I plan to make another part of the route in the castle/last area of the main route until you
go to the heavens to put an end to the fight of "good" and "evil"!

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Newest Ameria Version: Xentia CG

This week I have worked on the good old Order and am pretty sure I can make a new release next week.

This time you will go on the demon path and try to use your demonic magics to turn all those girls into your little harem. Eventually. ;O

I also released a Ameria release this week that will make a public release next week.
This time you can take a look at Xentia and her little techniques to conquer Julia's heart.
I will maybe make another Xentia Patreon release next week with another CG for the ending,
though this one too depends on the artist at hand. So it might come out the week after.
So look forward to both of these next week. 

Saturday, 4 November 2017

The order Sintra Path Completed, Ameria Ruffians CG

Hello every one,

I have finally completed the Order Sintra path,
you will be able to go into the cave where the order
hides to plan an attack against Sintra, taking
care of them by either enslaving or letting
them return to the order, forgetting about Sintra
and her plans.

After that you will go to the heavens to
convince the gods to accept your plans.
Willingly or not!

As last week, the ruffians CG was added
to Tales of Ameria for the patreons,
you can now take a look at them for every one!

Here is a little preview: